Now listen to me carefully, this won't be a very easy job.

Do the following:
  • Create a Development Certificate
    • Open Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access
    • From the Keychain Access menu, choose Certificate Assistant > Create a Certificate.
    • Fill in the name for the certificate with "iPhone Pwned Developer".
    • Choose Self Signed Root from the Type popup menu.
    • Check the Let me override defaults checkbox. Click Continue.
    • Specify a serial number for the certificate. Any number will do as long as you have no other certificate with the same name and serial number.
    • Choose Code Signing from the Certificate Type popup menu. Click Continue.
    • Fill in the information for the certificate. Click Continue.
    • Accept the defaults for the rest of the dialogs.
  • Download these Xcode templates
  • (Optional) Bypass provisioning on Firmware 2.1

Let me know if it works for you.